With a fragile economy already struggling between controlling soaring inflation and preventing further bank collapses, experts warn that war in the Middle East could set off 1970s style stagflation. Get ready…. 


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October 8th’s brutal attack by Hamas and Israel’s following declaration of war - in addition to resulting in catastrophic loss of life and human tragedy - is threatening financial markets.[1] The immediate effect has been higher prices for oil and gold, but experts warn that this may be just the beginning….

 The economy is already vulnerable. Throughout the year, the Fed has been struggling to rein in inflation without causing the collapse of banks and the broader economy.

 Economists warn that soaring oil prices due to the war in the Middle East could be the trigger of dangerous stagflation: the combination of both skyrocketing inflation and a severe global recession.[2]

See how you can help hedge your savings from the intensifying war in the Middle East.

Now, it appears the conflict may be pulling in the USA. Iran and Iran-backed militias are threatening and attacking US troops.[3] Iran warned that the US will “not be spared” if the Israel-Gaza war continues.[4]

Nasdaq warned that “if Iran becomes directly involved and a war breaks out between Israel and Iran, there would be a catastrophic economic impact.”[5]

And, Iran and the US could just be the beginning; JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said, “now may be the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades” before selling off a million shares of JPMorgan stock.[6][7] And, Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, warned that chances of a world war are at 50%.[8]

With close ties between Iran and Russia, with tensions between US and China near a tipping point, and deteriorating relations between the US and Saudi Arabia, other extremely powerful countries could be pulled into the conflict.[9]

While this scenario is first and foremost terrifying for the potential loss of human life, the impact to global supply chains, trade, and investment could be catastrophic.[10]

Meanwhile, with sky-high federal debt and a government that can’t get things done, many Americans fear that the US could be facing a war, recession, and inflation on a very shaky foundation. And, if Congress can’t agree on a budget, including requests for fundi­ng for Israel and Ukraine, by mid-November, there could be a further economic shock.

Learn ways to help hedge your retirement from the intensifying war in the Middle East.

In 1973, during the Arab-Israeli war, oil supplying countries cut off the US supply, sent gas prices soaring and caused years of stagflation.[11] You may remember lines of cars stretching for blocks only to find the gas ­­pumps dry.[12]

During this period, while oil prices soared and the dollar collapsed, gold was an extremely effective hedge. Gold prices rose from $42.22 per oz in May of 1973 to $850 per oz in January of 1980, a more than 20x increase.[13]

Learn more about how you can help take advantage of the power of gold to hedge against stagflation.

Now is the time to take control of your financial future. You need to learn how you can diversify and hedge against existing and soon-to-exist threats. War, failing banks, inflation... this looks like just the beginning, and it seems as if things may get much worse.

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