A new U.S Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is coming. It's impact could be far reaching beyond what most people realize. Are you prepared?

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The new Executive Order 14067, passed by the Biden Administration promoting a new central banking currency, known as, "FedCoin", may have opened the floodgates to a wealth of new potential concerns for Americans. 

Privacy experts like The Cato Institute warned that we could soon be thanking Biden for...

  • Government control over our bank accounts and how we spend our money
  • Ongoing legal surveillance of our lives and
  • Freezing assets if you go against the government. 

For example, did you know that FedCoin has already launched and is in the late experimentation phase with a hard launch due in the near term?

They warned that they could try to replace your dollars with digital currency and have the ability to control your wealth, including what you can buy and sell. They may want to have the liberty to “shut you off” should you not align with their agenda.

What would your world look like in this cashless society? If you exchange a dollar, which has been devalued and beaten up due to reckless monetary policy, for a digital currency, how do you know how your dollar will be valued? Economist Steven Roach forecasted that the dollar will drop by 35% due to the government debt, and that's not even considering digital currency.  Could you imagine the dollar collapsing? Why is this so easy to imagine?

Because it has already happened in the past!

Look no further than the Italian Lira or the German Deutsche Mark or the Venezuelan Bolivar. All of these former currencies have one thing in common – they are now worthless. 

Learn what Americans are doing to protect their accounts

The dollar is losing value, and foreign adversaries are in the advanced stages of developing currencies to replace the dollar once its demise is final.

Now is the time to take control of your financial future and you need to learn how you can diversify and hedge against existing and soon-to-exist threats. Failing banks, inflation...this looks like just the beginning and it seems as if things may get much worse.

Forbes reports, "China, which has been quietly biding its strength, is now trying to more boldly define the international security and economic architecture of the world. It has now turned its attention to attacking the US Dollar while painting its own agenda as the best alternative."

China and Russia along with the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are plotting and putting in place 'the perfect plan' to destroy the US Dollar. Nineteen countries and counting have already submitted a membership application to be a part of this agenda with 6 more countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia) set to enter BRICS Jan. 1, 2024. And, China is looking to back this new BRICS currency with gold, which could completely destabilize the US Dollar. 

See how you can protect your savings from the attack on the dollar.

Are your prepared?

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It's essential to explore alternative avenues for your wealth. Here are a few reasons why Americans are using this strategy to help hedge and diversify their retirement accounts:

  • Shield Against Economic Uncertainty
  • Hedge Against Inflation
  • Ownership of Something Physical that CAN'T Be Taken Away

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We don't know what the economic future has in store for Americans, but as history has proven time and again...things can change within the blink of an eye.

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