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With record-high inflation and economic uncertainty, many Americans are looking for alternative ways to help protect their purchasing power and diversify their retirement savings. 

This is where Precious Metals IRAs come in.

Gold and silver have stored their value for centuries and has historically appreciated in value during periods of economic volatility and recessions.*

Gold and Silver IRAs, also known as Precious Metals IRAs, allow you to invest in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins or bars within your retirement account.

This lets Americans take advantage of tax-deferment while reaping the diversification benefits of physical gold and silver.

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Benefits of a Precious Metals IRA



Precious metals, like gold, may provide a hedge against economic volatility, giving retirees more diversified and balanced savings.*


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Inflation Protection

Precious metals can help mitigate the effects of inflation on savings by providing a store of value that has historically increased in price over time.*


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Store of Value 

Gold and silver have been valuable for more than 4,000 years. While empires and their  currencies have risen and collapsed, gold and silver have maintained their role.


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Get Started with a Precious Metals IRA in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Talk to a Precious Metals Specialist: Our Precious Metals Specialists are ready to answer your questions regarding precious metals and help you open up your Precious Metals IRA account.

  • Fund your Account with a Transfer, Rollover, or Contribution: Your funds will be automatically transferred to your new IRA account in as little as 3 days.

  • Select your Precious Metals: You can then invest in gold, silver or both. These metals will be securely stored in an IRA approved vault at Delaware Depository.

What Our Clients Can Expect:

Preserve Gold is a family-owned company committed to helping individuals and families diversify their savings with physical precious metals like gold and silver. We understand that the number of precious metals purchase options can be overwhelming, and we are committed to spending the necessary time with you to make sure you can make an informed decision.  We have worked tirelessly to build an organization which is rooted in excellence, integrity, and transparency. Give us a call and allow us to show you why we are the industry leader for Gold IRAs.

Free, Fast Shipping

We will ship your metals to you for free with full insurance. Our metals usually ship within 2 days of payment clearing.

No Fees Buyback

Turn your metals into cash at anytime. If you ever want to sell back some or all of the precious metals you bought through Preserve Gold, we charge our clients zero liquidation fees.

24-Hour Satisfaction Guarantee

Preserve Gold is so confident in its products and services that we offer our clients a risk-free cancellation window to ensure full satisfaction.

Access to Specialists

Our specialists are just a phone call away to answer all your questions and assist you with the selection and delivery of precious metals.


We will match or beat competitor's pricing*, and we are transparent about the pricing structure and fees associated with each transaction.

Experience & Integrity

Our executive team has over 30 years of combined experience in the precious metals industry. We put that experience to work for our clients. 

Limited Time Offer:

Get 1% "cashback" in gold or silver up to $10,000 with a qualified purchase when you open a Precious Metals IRA with Preserve Gold. 

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Offer valid until June 30th, 2024.

* Price matching policy: A written quote, purchase order or invoice from a reputable dealer is required for a price match. Preserve Gold will match competitor prices as long as the price exceeds our costs.

* Sources: World Gold Council. "Why Invest in Gold?"; Oxford Economics. "The Relevance of Silver in a Global Multi-Asset Portfolio."